N.J. Stat. § 32:3A-1

Current through L. 2023, c. 290.
Section 32:3A-1 - Payment of salary or wages of employees injured in performance of duty

Whenever any employee of the Delaware River Port Authority is absent from his post of duty as a result of a personal injury caused by an accident arising out of and in the course of his employment, the port authority may pay to such employee his full salary or wages for the period of such absence up to 1 calendar year without having such absence charged to the annual sick leave or the accumulated sick leave to which such employee may also be entitled as an employee of the port authority.

Salary or wage payments provided in this section may be made for absence during any waiting period, and during the period the employee received or was eligible to receive a temporary disability benefit, under the compensation laws of this State or of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as the case may be. Any amount of salary or wages paid or payable to the employee pursuant to this section shall be reduced by the amount of any workmen's compensation award made for temporary disability.

N.J.S. § 32:3A-1

L.1962, c.209, s.1.