N.J. Stat. § 30:4C-12.2

Current through L. 2020, c. 109.
Section 30:4C-12.2 - Resource family parent, relative, notice; right to be heard

In any case in which the Division of Child Protection and Permanency accepts a child in its care or custody, the child's resource family parent or relative providing care for the child, as applicable, shall receive written notice of, and shall have a right to be heard at, any review or hearing held with respect to the child, but the resource family parent or relative shall not be made a party to the review or hearing solely on the basis of the notice and right to be heard.

N.J.S. § 30:4C-12.2

Amended by L. 2012, c. 16,s. 64, eff. 6/29/2012.
Amended by L. 2007, c. 228,s. 2, eff. 2/2/2008.
Amended by L. 2004, c. 130, s. 54, eff. 8/27/2004.
L. 1999, c. 53, s. 28.