N.J. Stat. § 2A:18-61.3

Current through L. 2023, c. 96.
Section 2A:18-61.3 - Causes for eviction or nonrenewal of lease
a. No landlord may evict or fail to renew any lease of any premises covered by section 2 of this act except for good cause as defined in section 2.
b. A person who was a tenant of a landlord in premises covered by section 2 of P.L. 1974, c.49 (C.2A:18-61.1) may not be removed by any order or judgment for possession from the premises by the owner's or landlord's successor in ownership or possession except:
(1) For good cause in accordance with the requirements which apply to premises covered pursuant to P.L. 1974, c.49 (C.2A:18-61.1 et al.); or
(2) For proceedings in premises where federal law supersedes applicable State law governing removal of occupants; or
(3) For proceedings where removal of occupants is sought by an authorized State or local agency pursuant to eminent domain or code or zoning enforcement laws and which comply with applicable relocation laws pursuant to the "Relocation Assistance Law of 1967," P.L. 1967, c.79 (C.52:31B-1 et seq.), the "Relocation Assistance Act," P.L. 1971, c.362 (C.20:4-1 et seq.) or section 3 of P.L. 1993, c.342 (C.2A:18-61.1g).

Where the owner's or landlord's successor in ownership or possession is not bound by the lease entered into with the former tenant and may offer a different lease to the former tenant, nothing in P.L. 1986, c.138 shall limit that right.

N.J.S. § 2A:18-61.3

L.1974, c.49, s.4; amended by 1986, c.138, s.7; 1993, c.342, s.2.