N.J. Stat. § 23:4-24

Current through L. 2023, c. 256.
Section 23:4-24 - Hunting, certain, prohibited on Sundays; penalty; exemptions
a. No person shall hunt with a hound or with firearms or weapons of any kind, or carry a gun in the woods or fields or on the waters on Sunday, under a penalty of $50 for each offense; except that this section shall not apply to :
(1) any person hunting raccoon between midnight on Saturday and sunrise on Sunday during the season prescribed in R.S. 23:4-1;
(2) a person possessing a valid and proper rifle permit licensed to trap fur-bearing animals pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 23:3-1 using a .22 caliber rifle and .22 caliber short rimfire cartridges to humanely dispatch legally trapped animals; or
(3) a person using a bow and arrow to hunt deer during any bow and arrow hunting season for deer prescribed by the State Fish and Game Code, provided the person possesses a valid bow and arrow license, or a valid "All Around Sportsman License" if applicable, issued by the division, abides by all applicable provisions of the code, and is hunting on a State wildlife management area or on private property.
b. This section shall not prevent farm land owners, lessees actually occupying or farming the land, members of their immediate families, or their farm employees from hunting and destroying at any time and in any manner crows, woodchuck, fox and vermin on that land.

N.J.S. § 23:4-24

Amended by L. 2009, c. 48,s. 1, eff. 5/4/2009.
Amended L.1953, c.402; L.1959, c.71; L. 1996, c. 97.