N.H. Rev. Stat. § 207:38-b

Current through Chapter 28 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 207:38-b - Hunter Orange Recommendation
I. Any person hunting with a firearm or bow and arrow in this state during the hunting season, except for a person legally hunting waterfowl, should wear a hat, vest or other suitable article of clothing of material in the color of hunter orange visible from all sides at a minimum distance of 200 feet. "Hunter orange" means a daylight fluorescent orange color with a dominant wave length between 595 and 605 nanometers, an excitation purity of not less than 85 percent, and a luminance factor of not less than 40 percent.
II. The executive director is directed to issue a written recommendation to each person purchasing a hunting license or to have printed on each hunting license the recommendation that the licensee should wear hunter orange when engaged in hunting in this state.

RSA 207:38-b

1983, 125:1, eff. June 7, 1983.