N.H. Rev. Stat. § 195-F:1

Current through Chapter 39 of the 2020 Legislative Session
Section 195-F:1 - Declaration of Policy

It is declared to be the policy of the state that for the benefit of the people of the state, the increase of their commerce, welfare, and prosperity and the improvement of their living conditions, it is essential that this and future generations of youths be given the fullest opportunity to learn and develop their intellectual and mental capacities; that it is essential that educational institutions, as defined herein, within the state be provided with appropriate additional means to assist such youths in achieving the required levels of learning and development of their intellectual and mental capacities; that it is essential that the state, through the New Hampshire municipal bond bank acting on its behalf, foster and promote by all reasonable means the provision of adequate markets and facilities for borrowing money by educational institutions, as defined herein, for the financing of their projects and improvements from proceeds of bonds or notes issued by such educational institutions, and to assist such educational institutions in fulfilling their needs for such purposes by creation of indebtedness and to the extent possible to encourage continued investor interest in the bonds or notes of such educational institutions as sound and preferred securities for investment, particularly for those educational institutions not otherwise able readily to borrow for such purposes at reasonable rates of interest, so as to accomplish the purposes of this chapter all to the public benefit and good.

RSA 195-F:1

1982, 5:1, eff. Feb. 19, 1982.