N.H. Rev. Stat. § 147-F:1

Current through Chapter 243 of the 2023 Legislative Session
Section 147-F:1 - Findings and Purpose
I.The general court finds that it is in the public interest to encourage the redevelopment of industrial, commercial, residential and other properties that have been subject to environmental contamination. The strict liability imposed on owners and operators of contaminated property under existing environmental statutes has had the unintended result of discouraging the repurchase and reuse of some contaminated properties. These properties, often referred to as brownfields, are therefore frequently abandoned or underused. The general court also finds that it is appropriate to consider the risk posed by the contamination to human health and the environment in light of enforceable restrictions on the future use of the property when establishing cleanup goals for a contaminated property.
II.The purpose of this chapter is to give incentives to parties interested in the redevelopment of contaminated properties by facilitating the remedial process and by providing comprehensive liability protection to parties who assume responsibility for property remediation without preexisting liability for cleanup or whose existing liability is premised solely upon their status as an owner under strict liability statutes.
III.It is the further intent of this chapter to expedite the voluntary cleanup of all contaminated properties by application of the remedial process and approach provided herein where the contaminated property or party conducting the remediation does not qualify for comprehensive liability protection.

RSA 147-F:1

1996, 241:2, eff. July 1, 1996.