Nev. Rev. Stat. § 204.040

Current through 82nd (2023) Legislative Session Chapter 4
Section 204.040 - Penalty for neglect or refusal to pay over

If any clerk, justice of the peace, sheriff, constable or other officer, who may receive any fine or forfeiture, shall refuse or neglect to pay over the same according to law, and within 30 days after the receipt thereof, he or she shall, in addition to being imprisoned and punished as provided by law, be liable upon his or her official bond for the amount thereof, with 50 percent damages and interest, to be recovered in like manner as for failing to pay over money received on execution.

NRS 204.040

1911 C&P § 394; RL § 6659; NCL § 10346
1911 C and P § 394; RL § 6659; NCL § 10346