Nev. Rev. Stat. § 200.650

Current through 80th (2019) Session Chapters 1-541 and 545-636
Section 200.650 - Unauthorized, surreptitious intrusion of privacy by listening device prohibited

Except as otherwise provided in NRS 179.410 to 179.515, inclusive, and 704.195, a person shall not intrude upon the privacy of other persons by surreptitiously listening to, monitoring or recording, or attempting to listen to, monitor or record, by means of any mechanical, electronic or other listening device, any private conversation engaged in by the other persons, or disclose the existence, content, substance, purport, effect or meaning of any conversation so listened to, monitored or recorded, unless authorized to do so by one of the persons engaging in the conversation.

NRS 200.650

Added to NRS by 1957, 335; A 1973, 1749 [Ch. 791]; 1989, 660 [Ch. 312]

Added to NRS by 1957, 335; A 1973, 1749; 1989, 660