Mont. Code § 16-12-502

Current through the 2023 Regular Session
Section 16-12-502 - Definitions

As used in this part, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Referral physician" means an individual who:
(a) is licensed under Title 37, chapter 3; and
(b) is the physician to whom a patient's treating physician has referred the patient for physical examination and medical assessment.
(2) "Standard of care" means, at a minimum, the following activities when undertaken in person or through the use of telemedicine by a patient's treating physician or referral physician if the treating physician or referral physician is providing written certification for a patient with a debilitating medical condition:
(a) obtaining the patient's medical history;
(b) performing a relevant and necessary physical examination;
(c) reviewing prior treatment and treatment response for the debilitating medical condition;
(d) obtaining and reviewing any relevant and necessary diagnostic test results related to the debilitating medical condition;
(e) discussing with the patient and ensuring that the patient understands the advantages, disadvantages, alternatives, potential adverse effects, and expected response to the recommended treatment;
(f) monitoring the response to treatment and possible adverse effects; and
(g) creating and maintaining patient records that remain with the physician.
(3) "Telemedicine" has the meaning provided in 37-3-102.
(4) "Treating physician" means an individual who:
(a) is licensed under Title 37, chapter 3; and
(b) has a bona fide professional relationship with the individual applying to be a registered cardholder.
(5) "Written certification" means a statement signed by a treating physician or referral physician that meets the requirements of 16-12-509 and is provided in a manner that meets the standard of care.

§ 16-12-502, MCA

Added by Laws 2021, Ch. 576,Sec. 10, eff. 1/1/2022.
Contingent voidness. Section 115 of Laws 2021, Ch. 576 provides: "Contingent voidness. If the Montana supreme court determines that Initiative Measure No. 190, approved November 3, 2020, other than the portions relating to revenue distribution, is in violation of the Montana constitution and the constitutional infirmity invalidates the entire initiative, then both Initiative Measure No. 190 and [this act] [Ch. 576] are void."