Minn. Stat. § 626.07

Current through 2019 c. 65 and 2019 SP1 c. 13

A search warrant may be issued upon any of the following grounds:

(1) the property or things were stolen or embezzled;
(2) the property or things were used as the means of committing a crime;
(3) the possession of the property or things constitutes a crime;
(4) the property or things are in the possession of any person with the intent to use them as a means of committing a crime, or the property or things so intended to be used are in the possession of another to whom they have been delivered for the purpose of concealing them or preventing their being discovered;
(5) the property or things to be seized consist of any item or constitute any evidence which tends to show a crime has been committed, or tends to show that a particular person has committed a crime.

The property or things described in this section may be taken pursuant to the warrant from any place, or from any person in whose possession they may be.

Minn. Stat. § 626.07

1963 c 849 s 5