Mich. Comp. Laws § 54.103

Current through Public Act 191 of the 2022 Legislative Session
Section 54.103 - Survey principles

All surveys made by county surveyors in this state, must be made in accordance with the following principles, when applicable:

First, All corners that can be identified by the original field notes, or other unquestionable testimony, shall be regarded as the original corners, and must not be changed while they can be thus identified;

Second, Extinct interior-section corners must be re-established, at proportional distances as recorded in the original field notes from the nearest known point in the original section line, east and west, north and south from such extinctsection corner;

Third, Any extinct quartersection corner, except on fractional section lines, must be re-established equidistant and in a right line between the section corners; in all other cases, at proportional distances between the nearest known points in the original line;

Fourth, Central quarter corners of whole sections, and of fractional sections adjoining the north and west boundary of townships, must be established at the intersection of 2 right lines connecting their opposite quarter section corners respectively. It shall be the duty of county surveyors to perpetuate the original corners they may work from, by noting new bearing trees where timber is near. They shall also perpetuate the principal corners made by themselves in the same manner.

MCL 54.103

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