Mich. Comp. Laws § 38.509

Current through Public Act 80 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 38.509 - Civil service commission; powers and duties

The civil service commission in each city, village or municipality, within the terms of this act, shall

First, Prescribe, amend and enforce rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this act. All rules so prepared may, from time to time, be added to, amended or rescinded.

Second, Keep minutes of its own proceedings and records of its examinations and other official actions. All recommendations of applicants for office, received by the said commission or by any officer having authority to make appointments to office, shall be kept and preserved for a period of 10 years, and all such records, recommendations of former employers accepted, and all written causes of removal, filed with it, shall, subject to reasonable regulation, be open to public inspection. It shall keep a roster of the members of the fire and police department, together with a record of service, military or naval experience, file statements on all matters relating to the character and quality of the work done and the attitude of the individual to his work and such other matters as may have a bearing on promotion, transfer or discharge.

Third, Make investigations, either sitting in a body or through a single commissioner, concerning all matters touching the enforcement and effect of the provisions of this act, and the rules and regulations prescribed thereunder, concerning the action of any examiner or subordinate of the commission, or any person in the public service in respect to the execution of this act; and, in the course of such investigations, each commissioner shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations, and to take testimony.

Fourth, Have power to subpoena and require the attendance of witnesses, and the production thereby of books and papers pertinent to the investigations and inquiries hereby authorized, and to examine them and such public records as it shall require, in relation to any matter which it has the authority to investigate. The fees of such witnesses for attendance and travel shall be the same as for witnesses before the circuit courts, and shall be paid from the appropriations for the incidental expenses of the commission. All officers in the public service, and their deputies, clerks, subordinates and employees shall attend and testify when required to do so by said commission. Any disobedience to, or neglect of, any subpoena issued by the said commissioners, or any 1 of them, to any person, shall be held a contempt of court, and shall be punished by the circuit court, within the county in which the said subpoena has been issued. Any judge of any of said courts shall, upon the application of any 1 of said commissioners, in such cases cause the process of said court to issue to compel such person or persons, disobeying or neglecting any such subpoena, to appear and to give testimony before the said commissioners; any 1 of them shall have power to punish any such contempt.

Fifth, Make an annual report to the mayor or principal executive officer showing its own action, and rules and regulations, and all exceptions thereto in force, and the practical effects thereof, and any suggestions it may approve for the more effectual accomplishments of the purpose of this act. Such reports shall be available for public inspection 5 days after the same shall have been delivered to the mayor or principal executive officer of any city, village or municipality.

MCL 38.509

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