Me. Stat. tit. 21-A § 607

Current through 2019-2020 Chapter 678
Section 607 - Official ballot box

An official ballot box is governed by the following provisions. [ 1985, c. 161, § 6 (NEW) .]

1. Furnished by Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall furnish or approve an official ballot box for each voting district.
2. Described. The boxes must be of uniform design in municipalities that use the same system of tabulation. Each box must be equipped with a suitable method of securing the ballots against tampering, as approved by the Secretary of State. The box must have an opening large enough to allow voters to deposit ballots but not large enough to allow an unauthorized person to touch or remove the ballots. In a municipality that counts ballots by hand, the box must be large enough to receive the ballots deposited in it at any election.
3. Municipality may provide. A municipality may provide ballot boxes at its own expense. Each box may contain a mechanical device for counting and endorsing the ballots deposited in it but it may not be equipped to record any distinguishing mark or number on a ballot. Each box must meet the requirements of this section. Once approved by the Secretary of State, each box becomes an official ballot box.

[ 1985, c. 161, § 6 (NEW) .]

4. Official ballot box required. Only an official ballot box may be used to receive official ballots cast at any election.

[ 1985, c. 161, § 6 (NEW) .]

5. Separate ballot box for constitutional amendments and referenda. A municipality having 5,000 or more inhabitants, except where the municipality uses voting machines or electronic voting systems, shall, and a municipality with fewer inhabitants may, by vote of its municipal officers, use separate ballot boxes at elections for the deposit of votes on constitutional amendments and referenda. The municipal officers must notify the Secretary of State of this action before the date of the election at which the separate ballot boxes are to be used. These ballot boxes are subject to all the provisions relating to official ballot boxes under this section.

[ 1997, c. 436, § 81 (AMD) .]

21-A M.R.S. § 607

Amended by 2019, c. 371,§ 16, eff. 9/19/2019.

1985, c. 161, § 6 (NEW) . 1997, c. 436, § 81 (AMD) .