La. Code Civ. Proc. art. 194

Current with changes from the 2024 legislative session effective on or before 7/1/2024, through Act 792
Section 194 - Power of district court to act; signing orders and judgments

The following orders and judgments may be signed by the district judge in any place where the judge is physically located:

(1) Order directing the taking of an inventory; judgment decreeing or homologating a partition, when unopposed; judgment probating a testament ex parte; order directing the execution of a testament; order confirming or appointing a legal representative, when unopposed; order appointing an undertutor or an undercurator; order appointing an attorney at law to represent an absent, incompetent, or unrepresented person, or an attorney for an absent heir; order authorizing the sale of property of an estate administered by a legal representative; order directing the publication of the notice of the filing of a tableau of distribution, or of an account, by a legal representative; judgment recognizing heirs or legatees and sending them into possession, when unopposed; all orders for the administration and settlement of a succession, or for the administration of an estate by a legal representative.
(2) Order to show cause; order directing the issuance and providing the security to be furnished by a party for the issuance of a writ of attachment or sequestration; order directing the release of property seized under a writ of attachment or sequestration and providing the security to be furnished therefor; order for the issuance of a temporary restraining order and providing the security therefor; order for the issuance of a writ, or alternative writ, of habeas corpus, mandamus, or quo warranto.
(3) Order for the seizure and sale of property in an executory proceeding.
(4) Order for the taking of testimony by deposition; for the production of documentary evidence; for the production of documents and things for inspection, copying, or photographing; for permission to enter land for the purpose of measuring, surveying, or photographing.
(5) Order or judgment deciding or otherwise disposing of an action, proceeding, or matter that may be tried or heard in chambers.
(6) Order or judgment that may be granted on ex parte motion or application, except an order of appeal on an oral motion.
(7) Any other order or judgment not specifically required by law to be signed in open court.

La. C.P. § 194

Acts 2018, No. 195, §1; Acts 2021, No. 68, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2022.
Amended by Acts 2021, No. 68,s. 1, eff. 1/1/2022.
Amended by Acts 2018, No. 195,s. 1, eff. 8/1/2018.