P.R. Laws tit. 24, § 531

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§ 531. Definitions

The following words shall have the meaning expressed below:

(a) Tattoo artist. — Means the person who fixes drawings, designs or markings on human skin by introducing coloring substances under the epidermis with needles or scalpels in previously made punctures.

(b) Department. — Means the Department of Health of Puerto Rico.

(c) Tattoo art. — Means the treatment of the skin by fixing words or designs thereon after lightly tracing them.

(d) Owner or administrator of a tattoo studio. — Means the person who operates and maintains an establishment devoted to tattooing.

(e) Contagious diseases. — Means any type of disease caused by an infectious agent that can be directly or indirectly transmitted by one persons to another.

(f) Tattoo studio. — Means any establishment possessing a license issued by the Department of Health for tattooing.

(g) Foreign person. — Means a person born outside of Puerto Rico or the United States.

(h) Register of Tattoo Artists. — Means the dependency of the Department of Health in charge of the Register of Tattoo Artists and the tattoo studios authorized by the provisions of this chapter.

(i) Secretary. — Means the Secretary of the Department of Health.

(j) Aseptic techniques. — Means the techniques used to prevent infection by inhibiting the development and growth of infectious agents and by destroying the microbes that cause infection.

History —Oct. 18, 1999, No. 318, § 2, eff. 90 days after Oct. 18, 1999.