P.R. Laws tit. 24, § 359a

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§ 359a. Definitions

(a) Epidemic diseases. — Infectious diseases affecting a large number of persons in a given population or time.

(b) Environmental accidents. — Unexpected events directly or indirectly affecting the safety and health of the community involved and that have an impact on the environment. For the purposes of §§ 359—359d of this title, it is hereby determined that the following environmental accidents are classified as:

(1) Biological or technological disasters. — Catastrophes provoked by activities conducted by humans, to wit:

(A) Accidental spills. — These occur during the production, transportation or manipulation of hazardous chemical substances.

(B) Chemical explosions. — Violent destruction caused by the explosion of a combustible material, mostly of chemical origin.

(C) Pollution. — Degradation of one (1) or more aspects of the environment due to the action of industrial, chemical or biological wastes that are toxic in nature or residues or man made products and caused by a deficient ordinance of natural and environmental resources.

(D) Chemical pollution. — Sudden water or air contamination near industrial zones, which causes internal organ disorders with permanent skin injuries.

(E) Atmospheric pollution. — Atmospheric pollution caused by large quantities of gases, solids, and radiation produced by combustion of natural and artificial fuels, chemical products or other industrial processes and by natural explosions.

History —Oct. 1, 2007, No. 137, § 2, eff. 90 days after Oct. 1, 2007.