P.R. Laws tit. 24, § 351

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§ 351. Powers of Secretary of Health in cases of contagious disease

That the Secretary of Health may cause to be removed to proper places designated by him any person sick with a quarantinable disease, or any other rapidly spreading, contagious or infectious disease, and shall have the control of public hospitals for the treatment of such cases. He may occupy, for the purpose of provisional hospitals, such buildings as may be necessary, without prejudice to the subsequent payment to the owner of an indemnity, the amount of which shall be determined in accordance with the procedure established by law in like actions; and he may cause proper care and attention to be given to the sick persons removed to the hospitals, at the expense of the Commonwealth Government, as herein provided for, when it comes to his knowledge that such persons are too poor to defray the expenses of their attendance, or when it is necessary to take care of them in the interests of the public health. No person suffering from a quarantinable or other rapidly spreading, contagious or infectious disease shall be removed from a vessel, or from any other place set aside by competent authority for his isolation and treatment, without a written permit from the Secretary of Health or the official placed in charge of such vessel or place by the Secretary of Health. For the purpose of carrying out the duties prescribed by this section, the Secretary of Health, or any duly authorized physician employed in the Department of Health, may enter, at any time into private properties and dwellings for the inspection or examination of such premises, in accordance with the provisions of § 181 of Title 3.

History —Mar. 14, 1912, No. 81, p. 122, § 4.