P.R. Laws tit. 25, § 2904

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§ 2904. Drawing of instruments

The instruments shall be written in the Spanish language, but they can be done in the English language, provided the Judge Advocate and the serviceperson know that language.

The instrument shall not include abbreviations, blank spaces or deletions. The originals may be handwritten, printed or typewritten.

Every instrument shall consign the given name, surnames, age, civil status, identification number and the branch of service to which the serviceperson belongs, and the date of execution.

The grantor and the Judge Advocate must initial each one of the instrument pages. At the end of the instrument, the grantor shall affix his signature and the Judge Advocate shall attest to having complied with the provisions of this chapter.

It shall be the duty of the Judge Advocate to affix to each page the seal of the Office of the Judge Advocate.

A certified copy of the executed instrument shall be issued, which shall be filed in the Office of the Judge Advocate so that if the granting servicepersons are mobilized or activated the copy shall be sent to the Office of the Director of the Office of Notarial Inspection as provided by § 2905 of this title.

The validity of the contents of the power of attorney or military will granted under the provisions of this chapter shall be determined by the Commonwealth legislation in effect when it was executed.

History —July 2, 1987, No. 77, p. 271, § 5.