P.R. Laws tit. 32, § 2903

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§ 2903. Purposes for which property may be taken

The purposes for which private property may be condemned or destroyed, or damaged are the following:

(a) For the construction of highways, roads, streets, turnpikes, and all other land ways of communication to be used by the public, joining two (2) or more towns or cities, or leading from any town or city to its rural wards, villages or settlements, and for the acquisition of such lands as may be necessary for the extension of towns; Provided, That no portion of land declared a public utility for the purposes lastly stated shall be dedicated or used for purposes other than such as brought about the declaration of public utility; Provided, That the use or disposition of the land so annexed to said town shall be governed by the provisions of § 10 of the Municipal Law, approved July 31, 1919, as amended by Act. No. 9, approved May 12, 1920; and Provided, further, That the selection of the land for the extension of any town shall be approved by the Governor or the officer or agency designated by him.

(b) For the construction and operation of railroads, tramways and street railways.

(c) For the construction of irrigating canals, flumes, aqueducts or the water supply of towns, sewers, drains, bridges, viaducts, dikes and dams.

(d) For cemeteries, plazas, avenues, and public parks, Commonwealth agricultural farms, workmen settlements, slaughterhouses, houses for Commonwealth courts of justice, schoolhouses and all other public buildings for the use of the Government of the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any municipal corporation.

(e) For the erection of lighthouses, signal stations, beacons, docks, dams, quarantine stations, works for improving navigation, and for military and naval stations, post offices, houses for United States courts or for other establishments or works for the Government of the United States.

(f) For the construction and operation of installations or plants for the production of electricity with the object of supplying light and power for the public service, for the transmission of electric current and also for the construction of dams, in connection with the aforesaid installations or plants.

(g) When the it [sic] has been declared as public nuisance, pursuant to the provisions of §§ 4001 et seq. of Title 21.

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