P.R. Laws tit. 10, § 278b-1

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§ 278b-1. Provisional remedy

In any litigation in which there is directly or indirectly involved the termination of a dealer’s contract or any act in prejudice of the relation established between the principal or grantor and the dealer, the court may grant, during the time the litigation is pending solution, any provisional remedy or measure of an interdictory nature to do or to desist from doing, ordering any of the parties, or both, to continue, in all its terms, the relation established by the dealer’s contract, and/or to abstain from performing any act or any omission in prejudice thereof. In any case in which the provisional remedy herein provided is requested, the court shall consider the interests of all parties concerned and the purposes of the public policy contained in this chapter.

History —June 24, 1964, No. 75, p. 231, added as § 3-A on May 24, 1971, No. 17, p. 31.