P.R. Laws tit. 1, § 522

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§ 522. Public policy

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico hereby acknowledges its responsibility to provide, as far as its means and resources allow, adequate conditions for promoting the enjoyment of a full life, as well as their natural human and legal rights, for carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus. It is hereby declared to be public policy to guarantee the following for carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus:

(a) The planning, rendering and availability of services in geographic terms, means of transportation, as well as complementary and alternative resources.

(b) Access to and optimal use of the best health services.

(c) The services and means that help these persons to remain with their families whenever possible. When necessary, a substitute home shall be provided, leaving institutionalization as the last resort.

(d) Respect for their individual rights, limiting the exercise of said rights only when it is necessary for their health and safety, and as a therapeutic measure certified by a duly authorized physician.

(e) The effective enforcement of the rights set forth in the Bill of Rignts of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and of the laws and regulations that may apply.

History —Sept. 2, 2000, No. 349, § 2.