Ky. Rev. Stat. § 532.007

Current through 2023 Ky. Acts ch. 175
Section 532.007 - Commonwealth's sentencing policy

It is the sentencing policy of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that:

(1) The primary objective of sentencing shall be to maintain public safety and hold offenders accountable while reducing recidivism and criminal behavior and improving outcomes for those offenders who are sentenced;
(2) Reduction of recidivism and criminal behavior is a key measure of the performance of the criminal justice system;
(3) Sentencing judges shall consider:
(a) Beginning July 1, 2013, the results of a defendant's risk and needs assessment included in the presentence investigation; and
(b) The likely impact of a potential sentence on the reduction of the defendant's potential future criminal behavior;
(4) All supervision and treatment programs provided for defendants shall utilize evidence-based practices to reduce the likelihood of future criminal behavior; and
(5) All supervision and treatment programs shall be evaluated at regular intervals to measure and ensure reduction of criminal behavior by defendants in the criminal justice system.

KRS 532.007

Created 2011, Ky. Acts ch. 2, sec. 1, effective6/8/2011.