Ky. Rev. Stat. § 507.020

Current through Acts Received April 24, 2024
Section 507.020 - Murder
(1) A person is guilty of murder when:
(a) With intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person or of a third person; except that in any prosecution a person shall not be guilty under this subsection if he acted under the influence of extreme emotional disturbance for which there was a reasonable explanation or excuse, the reasonableness of which is to be determined from the viewpoint of a person in the defendant's situation under the circumstances as the defendant believed them to be. However, nothing contained in this section shall constitute a defense to a prosecution for or preclude a conviction of manslaughter in the first degree or any other crime; or
(b) Including, but not limited to, the operation of a motor vehicle under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person and thereby causes the death of another person.
(2) Murder is a capital offense.

KRS 507.020

Amended 1984 Ky. Acts ch. 165, sec. 26, effective7/13/1984. -- Amended 1976 (1st Extra. Sess.) Ky. Acts ch. 15, sec. 1, effective 12/22/1976. --Amended 1976 Ky. Acts ch. 183, sec. 1. -- Created 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 406, sec. 61, effective 1/1/1975.