Ky. Rev. Stat. § 439.551

Current through 2020 Ky. Acts ch. 128
Section 439.551 - Graduated sanctions for probation violations - Administrative regulations
(1) The department shall promulgate administrative regulations to develop a system of graduated sanctions for responding to technical violations of probation. The department shall consult with the Supreme Court when promulgating these administrative regulations.
(2) The administrative regulations shall create a system of graduated sanctions with the following objectives:
(a) Responding quickly and consistently to violations of probation, based on the nature of the violation and the risk level of the supervised individual;
(b) Reducing the time and resources expended by the department and the courts to respond to violations; and
(c) Reducing the commission of new crimes and revocation rates.

KRS 439.551

Effective:June 8, 2011
Created 2011, Ky. Acts ch. 2, sec. 56, effectiveJune 8, 2011.