Ky. Rev. Stat. § 413.120

Current through 2021 Ky. Acts ch. 205, and 2021SP1 ch. 5
Section 413.120 - Actions to be brought within five years

The following actions shall be commenced within five (5) years after the cause of action accrued:

(1) An action upon a contract not in writing, express or implied.
(2) An action upon a liability created by statute, when no other time is fixed by the statute creating the liability.
(3) An action for a penalty or forfeiture when no time is fixed by the statute prescribing it.
(4) An action for trespass on real or personal property.
(5) An action for the profits of or damages for withholding real or personal property.
(6) An action for an injury to the rights of the plaintiff, not arising on contract and not otherwise enumerated.
(7) An action upon a bill of exchange, check, draft or order, or any endorsement thereof, or upon a promissory note, placed upon the footing of a bill of exchange.
(8) An action to enforce the liability of a steamboat or other vessel.
(9) An action upon a merchant's account for goods sold and delivered, or any article charged in such store account.
(10) An action upon an account concerning the trade of merchandise, between merchant and merchant or their agents.
(11) An action for relief or damages on the ground of fraud or mistake.
(12) An action to enforce the liability of bail.
(13) An action for personal injuries suffered by any person against the builder of a home or other improvements. This cause of action shall be deemed to accrue at the time of original occupancy of the improvements which the builder caused to be erected.

KRS 413.120

Amended by 2015 Ky. Acts ch. HB-104,§ 3, eff. 6/22/2015.
Effective:July 15, 1998
Amended 1998, Ky. Acts ch. 196, sec. 25, effectiveJuly 15, 1998. -- Amended 1988 Ky. Acts ch. 224, sec. 6, effective July 15, 1988. -- Amended 1964 Ky. Acts ch. 124, sec. 1. -- Recodified 1942 Ky. Acts ch. 208, sec. 1, effective October 1, 1942, from Ky. Stat. sec. 2515, 2518.