Ky. Rev. Stat. § 403.215

Current through 2020 Ky. Acts ch. 128
Section 403.215 - Assignment of wages for child support obligations

After July 15, 1990, any new or modified order or decree which contains provisions for the support of a minor child or minor children, shall provide for a wage assignment which shall begin immediately except for good cause shown, and which shall be paid based upon the payment schedule of wages of the employer to whom the wage assignment is directed, and at a minimum, on a monthly basis. If good cause is shown, the wage assignment shall take effect when an arrearage accrues that is equal to the amount of support payable for one (1) month, pursuant to KRS 405.465. Notice of all orders providing for wage assignment issued in Kentucky on or after January 1, 1994, shall be sent to the employer using the federally approved Income Withholding for Support (IWO) form that contains the accompanying OMB number.

KRS 403.215

Amended by 2019 Ky. Acts ch. 162,§ 3, eff. 6/26/2019.
Effective:July 15, 1998
Amended 1998, Ky. Acts ch. 255, sec. 50, effectiveJuly 15, 1998. -- Amended 1990 Ky. Acts ch. 418, sec. 14, effective July 13, 1990. -- Amended 1988 Ky. Acts ch. 411, sec. 3, effective July 15, 1988. -- Created 1986 Ky. Acts ch. 487, sec. 11, effective July 15, 1986.