Ky. Rev. Stat. § 243.150

Current through P.L. 2-2023
Section 243.150 - Business authorized by brewer's license - Sale and service of malt beverages - Sampling by employees
(1) A brewer's license shall authorize the licensee to engage in the business of a brewer at the premises specifically designated in the license, and to transport for itself only any malt beverage which the licensee is authorized by its license to manufacture or sell, but the licensee shall transport any malt beverages in accordance with the requirements provided by KRS 243.120 for distillers.
(2) A brewer may sell any malt beverage produced under its license to:
(a) A licensed wholesaler from the licensed premises;
(b) Any of its employees for home consumption;
(c) Charitable or fraternal organizations holding group meetings, picnics, or outings;
(d) A customer, strictly limited to the following types of sales on the premises of a brewery located in wet territory:
1. By the drink sales for consumption on the premises only, to be conducted in a taproom or similar space that is located at the licensed brewery; and
2. Package sales for off-premises consumption only by using a refillable, resealable growler; and
(e) Consumers, if the brewer holds a direct shipper license under KRS 243.027 to 243.029.
(3) A licensed brewer may buy malt beverages from another licensed brewer in this state or nonresident brewer authorized by the law of the state of its residence, and by the United States government if located in the United States, to make these sales;
(4) Employees of a licensed brewer may sample the products produced by that manufacturer for purposes of education, quality control, and product development.
(5) A brewer may serve on the licensed premises of its brewery complimentary samples of malt beverages produced at the brewery in an amount not to exceed sixteen (16) ounces per patron per day, if the brewery is located in wet territory.

KRS 243.150

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