Ky. Rev. Stat. § 194A.010

Current through Acts Received April 1, 2024
Section 194A.010 - Cabinet for Health and Family Services - Functions
(1) The cabinet is the primary state agency for operating the public health, Medicaid, certificate of need and licensure, and mental health and intellectual disability programs in the Commonwealth. The function of the cabinet is to improve the health of all Kentuckians, including the delivery of population, preventive, reparative, and containment health services in a safe and effective fashion, and to improve the functional capabilities and opportunities of Kentuckians with disabilities. The cabinet is to accomplish its function through direct and contract services for planning and through the state health plan and departmental plans for program operations, for program monitoring and standard setting, and for program evaluation and resource management.
(2) The cabinet is the primary state agency responsible for leadership in protecting and promoting the well-being of Kentuckians through the delivery of quality human services. Recognizing that children are the Commonwealth's greatest natural resource and that individuals and their families are the most critical component of a strong society, the cabinet shall deliver social services to promote the safety and security of Kentuckians and preserve their dignity. The cabinet shall administer child welfare programs that promote collaboration and accountability among government agencies, public, and private programs to improve the lives of families and children in developing strategies consistent with best practice standards for delivery of services. The cabinet also shall administer income-supplement programs that protect, develop, preserve, and maintain individuals, families, and children in the Commonwealth.

KRS 194A.010

Amended by 2022 Ky. Acts ch. 75,, eff. 4/1/2022.
Amended by 2012 Ky. Acts ch. 158,§ 13, eff. 7/11/2012.
Amended 2010, Ky. Acts ch. 141, sec. 9, effective 7/15/2010. -- Amended 2005, Ky. Acts ch. 99, sec. 24, effective 6/20/2005. -- Created 1998, Ky. Acts ch. 426, sec. 2, effective 7/15/1998.