Kan. Stat. § 8-2433

Current through 2021 Session Acts Chapters 1-117, 119-126
Section 8-2433 - Temporary permit for vehicle salesperson
(a) Whenever application for a license as a vehicle salesperson has been made, a temporary permit may be granted by the director, effective with the application date for the salesperson license provided the salesperson is under direct supervision whenever any sale for a vehicle is conducted. The temporary permit shall be valid until such time as the application is approved or denied by the director but in no case shall such temporary license be valid for a period exceeding 45 days.
(b) The director shall not grant to any person more than one temporary salesperson's license, as provided in subsection (a), during any twelve-month period commencing with the date on which the person made application for licensing as a salesperson and such temporary permit was granted.
(c) This section shall be a part of and supplemental to the vehicle dealers and manufacturers licensing act.

K.S.A. 8-2433

L. 1992, ch. 37, § 1; L. 1993, ch. 252, § 9; July 1.