Kan. Stat. § 8-2417

Current through 2021 Session Acts Chapters 1-117, 119-126
Section 8-2417 - Jurisdiction over licensees; service of process in secretary of state; limitation of rights
(a) The obtaining of a license hereunder shall bring the applicant under the jurisdiction of the state of Kansas, and if no agent for service of process has been designated by a licensee, the licensee will be deemed to have designated the secretary of the state of Kansas as agent for receipt of service of process.
(b) No franchise agreement or other agreement between the parties to a franchise agreement may limit, waive or substitute the party's rights, duties or obligations under this act absent separate and additional, adequate consideration, nor compel a party to consent to jurisdiction or governance by the law of another state or territory outside Kansas, or to forego any right to trial by jury.

K.S.A. 8-2417

Amended by L. 2010, ch. 71,§ 7, eff. after its publication in the Kansas register.
L. 1980, ch. 36, § 17; July 1.