Kan. Stat. § 73-2802

Current through 2020 Kansas Acts, Chapter 21 and 2020SP1 Kansas Acts, Chapter 3
Section 73-2802 - Use of language other than English

A state agency or political or taxing subdivision, or its officers or employees, may use a language other than the English language to:

(a) Provide information orally to individuals in the course of delivering services to the general public;
(b) comply with federal law;
(c) protect the public health or safety;
(d) protect the rights of parties and witnesses in a civil or criminal action in a court or in an administrative proceeding;
(e) provide instruction in foreign and native American language courses;
(f) provide instruction designed to aid students with limited English proficiency so they can make a timely transition to use of the English language in the public schools;
(g) promote international commerce, trade or tourism;
(h) use terms of art or phrases from languages other than the English language in documents;
(i) provide signage and documents in braille; and
(j) communicate in American Sign Language.

K.S.A. 73-2802

L. 2007, ch. 186, § 2; July 1.