Kan. Stat. § 58-2203

Current through 2022 Session Acts Chapter 110
Section 58-2203 - Form of warranty deed

Any conveyance of lands, worded in substance as follows: A.B. conveys and warrants to C.D. (here describe the premises), for the sum of (here insert the consideration), the said conveyance being dated, duly signed and acknowledged by the grantor, shall be deemed and held a conveyance in fee simple to the grantee, his or her heirs and assigns, with covenants from the grantor, for himself or herself and his or her heirs and personal representatives, that the grantor is lawfully seized of the premises, has good right to convey the same and guarantees the quiet possession thereof, that the same are free from all encumbrances, and the grantor will warrant and defend the same against all lawful claims.

K.S.A. 58-2203

L. 1887, ch. 151, § 1; June 20; R.S. 1923, 67-203.