Kan. Stat. § 2-3201

Current through 2020 Kansas Acts, Chapter 21 and 2020SP1 Kansas Acts, Chapter 3
Section 2-3201 - Protection of farmland and agricultural activities; purpose

It is the declared policy of this state to conserve and protect and encourage the development and improvement of farmland for the production of food and other agricultural products. The legislature finds that agricultural activities conducted on farmland in areas in which nonagricultural uses have moved into agricultural areas are often subjected to nuisance lawsuits, and that such suits encourage and even force the premature removal of the lands from agricultural uses. It is therefore the purpose of this act to provide agricultural activities conducted on farmland protection from nuisance lawsuits.

K.S.A. 2-3201

L. 1982, ch. 3, § 1; July 1.