Ind. Code § 9-24-19-2

Current through P.L. 255-2023
Section 9-24-19-2 - Class A misdemeanor; commission within ten years of prior similar infraction

An individual who:

(1) knows that the individual's driving privileges, driver's license, or permit is suspended or revoked; and
(2) operates a motor vehicle upon a highway less than ten (10) years after the date on which judgment was entered against the individual for a prior unrelated violation of section 1 of this chapter, this section, IC 9-1-4-52 (repealed July 1, 1991), or IC 9-24-18-5(a) (repealed July 1, 2000);

commits a Class A misdemeanor.

IC 9-24-19-2

Amended by P.L. 198-2016, SEC. 535, eff. 7/1/2016.
Amended by P.L. 33-2012, SEC. 1, eff. 3/14/2012.
Amended by P.L. 6-2012, SEC. 70, eff. 2/22/2012.
As added by P.L. 32-2000, SEC.1.