Ind. Code § 9-21-8-55

Current through P.L. 178-2022, P.L.2-2022SP1
Section 9-21-8-55 - Aggressive driving
(a) This section does not apply to a law enforcement official engaged in the law enforcement official's official duties.
(b) For purposes of this section, a person engages in aggressive driving if, during one (1) episode of continuous driving of a vehicle, the person does or commits at least three (3) of the following:
(1) Following a vehicle too closely in violation of IC 9-21-8-14.
(2) Unsafe operation of a vehicle in violation of IC 9-21-8-24.
(3) Overtaking another vehicle on the right by driving off the roadway in violation of IC 9-21-8-6.
(4) Unsafe stopping or slowing a vehicle in violation of IC 9-21-8-26.
(5) Unnecessary sounding of the horn in violation of IC 9-19-5-2.
(6) Failure to yield in violation of IC 9-21-8-29 through IC 9-21-8-34.
(7) Failure to obey a traffic control device in violation of IC 9-21-8-41.
(8) Driving at an unsafe speed in violation of IC 9-21-5.
(9) Repeatedly flashing the vehicle's headlights.
(c) A person who, with the intent to harass or intimidate a person in another vehicle, knowingly or intentionally engages in aggressive driving commits aggressive driving, a Class A misdemeanor, except as provided in IC 9-21-8-56(d), (f), (g), and (h).

IC 9-21-8-55

As added by P.L. 75-2006, SEC.2. Amended by P.L. 40-2007, SEC.5.