Ind. Code § 9-21-10-6

Current through P.L. 255-2023
Section 9-21-10-6 - Traffic lanes; restrictions on use

A motorcycle is entitled to the full use of a traffic lane and a vehicle may not be driven or operated in a manner that deprives another vehicle of the full use of a traffic lane. Motorcycles, other than autocycles, may, with the consent of both persons who operate the motorcycles, be operated with not more than two (2) abreast in a single traffic lane.

IC 9-21-10-6

Pre-1991 Recodification Citation: 9-8-9-2(f).

Amended by P.L. 82-2015, SEC. 8, eff. 4/29/2015.
As added by P.L. 2-1991, SEC.9.