Ind. Code § 35-42-1-3

Current through P.L. 171-2024
Section 35-42-1-3 - Voluntary manslaughter
(a) A person who knowingly or intentionally:
(1) kills another human being; or
(2) except as provided in section 6.5 of this chapter, kills a fetus in any stage of development;

while acting under sudden heat commits voluntary manslaughter, a Level 2 felony.

(b) The existence of sudden heat is a mitigating factor that reduces what otherwise would be murder under section 1(1) of this chapter to voluntary manslaughter.

IC 35-42-1-3

Amended by P.L. 203-2018,SEC. 2, eff. 7/1/2018.
Amended by P.L. 158-2013, SEC. 413, eff. 7/1/2014.
As added by Acts1976 , P.L. 148, SEC.2. Amended by Acts1977 , P.L. 340, SEC.27; P.L. 321-1987, SEC.1; P.L. 261-1997, SEC.4.