Ind. Code § 35-36-2-1

Current through P.L. 167-2020
Section 35-36-2-1 - Time of filing

When the defendant in a criminal case intends to interpose the defense of insanity, he must file a notice of that intent with the trial court no later than:

(1) twenty (20) days if the defendant is charged with a felony; or
(2) ten (10) days if the defendant is charged only with one (1) or more misdemeanors;

before the omnibus date. However, in the interest of justice and upon a showing of good cause, the court may permit the filing to be made at any time before commencement of the trial.

IC 35-36-2-1

As added by Acts1981 , P.L. 298, SEC.5. Amended by Acts1982 , P.L. 204, SEC.29.