Ind. Code § 35-34-1-9

Current through P.L. 167-2020
Section 35-34-1-9 - Joinder of offenses or defendants
(a) Two (2) or more offenses may be joined in the same indictment or information, with each offense stated in a separate count, when the offenses:
(1) are of the same or similar character, even if not part of a single scheme or plan; or
(2) are based on the same conduct or on a series of acts connected together or constituting parts of a single scheme or plan.
(b) Two (2) or more defendants can be joined in the same indictment or information when:
(1) each defendant is charged with each offense included;
(2) each of the defendants is charged as a conspirator or party to the commission of the offense and some of the defendants are also charged with one (1) or more offenses alleged to be in furtherance of the conspiracy or common scheme or plan; however, a party to the commission of an offense or conspirator need not be designated as such in the indictment or information; or
(3) conspiracy is not charged and not all of the defendants are charged in each count, if it is alleged in the indictment or information that the offenses charged:
(A) were part of a common scheme or plan; or
(B) were so closely connected in respect to time, place, and occasion that it would be difficult to separate proof of one (1) charge from proof of the others.

IC 35-34-1-9

As added by Acts1981 , P.L. 298, SEC.3.