Ind. Code § 34-51-2-1

Current through P.L. 171-2024
Section 34-51-2-1 - Applicability of chapter
(a) This chapter governs any action based on fault that is brought to recover damages for injury or death to a person or harm to property, except as provided in subsection (b).
(b) This chapter does not apply to an action:
(1) brought against a qualified health care provider under IC 16-9.5 (before its repeal), IC 27-12 (before its repeal), or IC 34-18 for medical malpractice; or
(2) that accrued before January 1, 1985.

IC 34-51-2-1

Pre-1998 Recodification Citation: 34-4-33-1 part.

As added by P.L. 1-1998, SEC.47.