Ind. Code § 34-25-2-5

Current through P.L. 21-2021
Section 34-25-2-5 - Plaintiff's undertaking

Except for actions filed by the attorney general under IC 5-11-5-1 or IC 5-11-6-1, the plaintiff or a person representing the plaintiff shall execute a written undertaking, with sufficient surety, to be approved by the clerk, payable to the defendant, to the effect that the plaintiff will:

(1) duly prosecute the proceeding in attachment; and
(2) pay all damages that may be sustained by the defendant if the proceedings of the plaintiff are wrongful and oppressive.

IC 34-25-2-5

As added by P.L. 1-1998, SEC.20. Amended by P.L. 176-2009, SEC.23.