Ind. Code § 3-12-5-14

Current through P.L. 167-2020
Section 3-12-5-14 - Correction of error in certification of vote
(a) This section does not apply to the correction of an error under IC 3-12-6-29 or IC 3-12-11-23.
(b) The county election board or the election division shall correct an error in the certification of the vote for a candidate or on a public question if the error is discovered not later than the final date and hour for the filing of a recount or contest under this article.

IC 3-12-5-14

As added by P.L. 5-1986, SEC.8. Amended by P.L. 4-1991, SEC.115; P.L. 3-1997, SEC.354; P.L. 66-2003, SEC.44.