Ind. Code § 3-12-2-1

Current through P.L. 221-2021
Section 3-12-2-1 - Chapter establishes standards to define vote; ballot counting procedures
(a) This chapter:
(1) is enacted to comply with 52 U.S.C. 21081 by establishing uniform and nondiscriminatory standards to define what will be counted as a vote on a paper ballot; and
(2) applies to each precinct where voting is by paper ballot.
(b) After the polls have closed, each precinct election board shall count the paper ballot votes for each candidate for each office and on each public question. The ballots shall be counted by laying each ballot upon a table in the order in which it is taken from the ballot box.
(c) If a precinct election board administers more than one (1) precinct, the board shall keep the ballots cast in each precinct separate from ballots cast in any other precinct, so that the votes cast for each candidate and on each public question in each of the precincts administered by the board may be determined.

IC 3-12-2-1

Pre-1986 Recodification Citations: 3-1-18-3 part; 3-1-25-1(a) part.

Amended by P.L. 278-2019,SEC. 141, eff. 7/1/2019.
Amended by P.L. 128-2015, SEC. 208, eff. 5/4/2015, retroactive.
As added by P.L. 5-1986, SEC.8. Amended by P.L. 3-1987, SEC.339; P.L. 10-1988, SEC.123; P.L. 3-1995, SEC.119; P.L. 209-2003, SEC.181; P.L. 230-2005, SEC.56.