Ind. Code § 23-0.5-4-3

Current through P.L. 171-2024
Section 23-0.5-4-3 - Designation of registered agent; required filings
(a) A registered agent must be an individual, a general partnership, a domestic filing entity, or a registered foreign entity.
(b) A registered agent filing must provide either:
(1) if the entity has a commercial registered agent, the name of the entity's commercial registered agent; or
(2) if the entity does not have a commercial registered agent:
(A) the name of the individual, general partnership, domestic filing entity, or registered foreign entity; and
(B) the address of the entity's registered agent.
(c) If the entity does not have a commercial registered agent, a registered agent filing may provide the electronic mail address of the registered agent at which the registered agent will accept electronic service of process only in the manner prescribed by the Indiana supreme court in the Indiana trial rules.
(d) A registered agent filing must state:
(1) the registered agent's consent; or
(2) a representation that the registered agent has consented.
(e) Each entity registered under the laws of Indiana shall provide to the entity's registered agent, and update from time to time as necessary, the name, business address, and business telephone number of an individual who is:
(1) an officer, a director, an employee, or a designated agent of the entity; and
(2) authorized to receive communications from the registered agent.

The individual is considered to be the communications contact for the entity.

(f) A registered agent shall retain, in paper or electronic form, the information provided by an entity under subsection (e).
(g) If an entity fails to provide the registered agent with the information required under subsection (e), the registered agent may resign, as provided in section 9 of this chapter, as the registered agent for the entity.
(h) The secretary of state may provide to the Indiana supreme court the electronic mail address of a registered agent.

IC 23-0.5-4-3

Amended by P.L. 177-2019,SEC. 6, eff. 6/1/2019.
Amended by P.L. 52-2018,SEC. 10, eff. 3/13/2018.
Added by P.L. 118-2017,SEC. 5, eff. 1/1/2018.