Ind. Code § 22-3-2-6

Current through P.L. 221-2021
Section 22-3-2-6 - Exclusive remedies

The rights and remedies granted to an employee subject to IC 22-3-2 through IC 22-3-6 on account of personal injury or death by accident shall exclude all other rights and remedies of such employee, the employee's personal representatives, dependents, or next of kin, at common law or otherwise, on account of such injury or death, except for remedies available under IC 5-2-6.1.

IC 22-3-2-6

(Formerly: Acts 1929, c.172, s.6.) As amended by Acts1982 , P.L. 21, SEC.50; P.L. 2-1992, SEC.740; P.L. 47-1993, SEC.11.