Ind. Code § 2-3-4-1

Current through P.L. 178-2022
Section 2-3-4-1 - Members or officers of general assembly
(a) Any member of the general assembly, the principal clerk of the house of representatives, or the secretary of the senate may:
(1) take acknowledgment to deeds or other instruments in writing;
(2) administer oaths, protest notes, and checks;
(3) take the deposition of a witness;
(4) take and certify affidavits and depositions; and
(5) perform any other duty conferred upon a notary public by the statutes of Indiana.
(b) Acknowledgments to deeds or other instruments taken by any such person shall entitle such deeds or other instruments to be recorded the same as though acknowledged before a notary public.

IC 2-3-4-1

(Formerly: Acts 1909, c.65, s.1.) As amended by Acts1982 , P.L. 6, SEC.1; P.L. 2-1985, SEC.1.