Ind. Code § 16-36-1-6

Current through P.L. 178-2022, P.L.2-2022SP1
Section 16-36-1-6 - Delegated authority to consent on behalf of incapable party
(a) A representative authorized to consent to health care for another under section 5(a)(2), 5(a)(3), 5(a)(4), 5(a)(5), 5(a)(6), 5(b)(2), or 5(b)(3) of this chapter who for a time will not be reasonably available to exercise the authority may delegate the authority to consent during that time to another representative not disqualified under section 9 or 9.5 of this chapter. The delegation:
(1) must be in writing;
(2) must be signed by the delegate;
(3) must be witnessed by an adult; and
(4) may specify conditions on the authority delegated.
(b) Unless the writing expressly provides otherwise, the delegate may not delegate the authority to another representative.
(c) The delegate may revoke the delegation at any time by notifying orally or in writing the delegate or the health care provider.

IC 16-36-1-6

Pre-1993 Recodification Citation: 16-8-12-5.

Amended by P.L. 67-2018,SEC. 4, eff. 7/1/2018.
Amended by P.L. 81-2015, SEC. 7, eff. 7/1/2015.
As added by P.L. 2-1993, SEC.19.