Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 242 § 7A

Current through Chapter 44 of the 2022 Legislative Session
Section 242:7A - Willful trespass to agricultural commodities; damages

Any person who, without permission, willfully enters the agricultural or horticultural land of another, including, but not limited to, an orchard, garden, nursery, cranberry bog, field, or vineyard, and carries away, takes, steals, mutilates, destroys, damages, causes to be damaged, or cuts any tree, shrub, fruit, berry, vegetable, grain, grass, hay, vine, plant, flower, or any other agricultural commodity defined pursuant to section one A of chapter one hundred and twenty-eight shall be liable to the owner of said land in tort for three times the amount of the damages assessed therefor.

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 242, § 7A