Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 149 § 62

Current through Chapter 69 of the 2019 Legislative Session
Section 149:62 - Minors under eighteen

No person shall employ a minor under eighteen or permit him to work: (1) in or about blast furnaces; (2) in the operation or management of hoisting machines; (3) in oiling or cleaning hazardous machinery in motion; (4) in the operation or use of any polishing or buffing wheel; (5) at switch tending; (6) at gate tending; (7) at track repairing; (8) as a brakeman, fireman, engineer, motorman or conductor upon a railroad or railway; (9) as a fireman or engineer upon any boat or vessel; (10) in operating motor vehicles of any description except golf carts on a golf course if the minor is licensed to operate a motor vehicle, and, except in the course of employment in an automobile repair shop; (11) in or about establishments wherein gunpowder, nitroglycerine, dynamite or other high or dangerous explosive is manufactured or compounded; (12) in the manufacture of white or yellow phosphorus or phosphorus matches; (13) in any distillery, brewery, or any other establishment where alcoholic beverages, as defined in section one of chapter one hundred and thirty-eight, are manufactured, packed, wrapped or bottled; (14) in that part of any hotel, theatre, concert hall, place of amusement or other establishment where intoxicating liquors are sold; (15) in any room or other subdivision of a building at a height of more than thirty feet above the floor of such room or other subdivision, or in any other place at a height of more than thirty feet above the ground level or water level, as the case may be; in the operation or management of any type of elevator other than a self-service elevator, as defined in the regulations of the board of elevator regulations and duly filed with the office of the state secretary, or in the cleaning or repairing of any type of elevator; or (16) in any job or occupation requiring the possession or use of a firearm. This section shall not prohibit the employment of minors in drug stores or retail food stores, nor shall it prevent the employment of a minor, to whom has been issued a license to operate motor vehicles, in the operation on a farm, or on a way for a distance not exceeding ten miles therefrom, of any truck, tractor, trailer or self-propelled agricultural instrument registered by a farmer under chapter ninety, nor in the operation of any vehicle not registered in accordance with the provisions of section nine of said chapter ninety if such vehicle is used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 149, § 62

Amended by Acts 2006, c. 426,§ 1, eff. 1/3/2007.

Amended by Acts 2002, c. 207, § 1, eff. 11/3/02.